COVID 19 & Crisis Response

Precaution Of COVID 19 By The Order Of MOHS (March 2020)

Phase 0: Prevention

1. All the employes are instructed to wash hands with soap or sanitizers frequently.

1.1. Basin has been installed at the entrance of the building and soap is provided.

1.2. Hand sanitizers are placed at all the room entrances.

2. Vitamin C Tablets (300 Mg) has been distributed and employees has been ordered to take every moring

3. Social distancing has been initiated

3.1. Working areas are set up in order for Office and Operation Staff to be able to sit 3 feets away each other

4. To wear virus prevention equipments

4.1. Delivery Man – Surgery gloves, mask, hand sanitizer

4.2. Operation Staff – Surgery gloves when handling parcels

4.3. Cashiers – Surgery gloves and mask when handling cash

4.4. Whoever handling parcels – Surgery gloves

5. All the employees to get temperature check every morning

6. Operation hours to be adjusted in order to avoid public crowd (Eg. 8am-5pm)

7. To disinfect office furniture, floors, stair handrails twice a day with duty roster

8. All employees must avoid taking public transport. The company provides ferry for office staffs, and delivery men take bicycle home for office commute.

Phase 1: Virus infection rate getting higher in Yangon or Myanmar

1. Staff will be grouped into Group (A) and (B) and to work from home routinelay (to classify the type or work that can be performed from home)

1.1. Internet line, Tablet (Customer Service Staff) and Laptop (Merchant Payment Staff) will be provided

1.2. Work from home rehearsel will be done first in Phase 1

Phase 2: Yangon City has been Locked Down

1. All the staff except from Operation Staff, Cashiers and Delivery man to work from home (Computers will be provided)

2. Operation Staff, Cashiers and Delivery men to work by shift

3. Viber is the main channel for Internal communication.

**All the facts that include in Prevention Phase such as washing hands frequently, disinfection working area, using masks and gloves to be practice all the time**

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